Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It'll do for tonight

There was a fierce storm brewing when I left work this evening.  The sky to the east was full of monstrous, white, gorgeous thunder heads.  I wanted them to be behind me, over the mountains, ready to roll over Fort Collins...I love a good summer storm...but, sadly, those thunder heads continued east and have opened up over the plains.

We could use the rain; our forests and our firefighters could use the rain.  But, my want for that storm isn't to be interpreted as anything other than selfish tonight: I want my summer storm.  I want to watch the lightening streak across the sky.  I want the air to smell like rain.  And I want fall asleep to the sound of rain drops hitting the pavement.

There is the smell of rain in the breeze coming in through my open windows.  I hear rumbling thunder and every so often, for a split second, the sky turns purple and the foothills are illuminated by lightening.  It's not quite the summer storm I'm craving, but it'll do for tonight.


  1. Ohhh the storm is here in Denver! I landed at 8:30 and it has been going ever since. It has been gorgeous to see the sky light up! I love thunderstorms too!

  2. When I was in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico last week, I Was surprised to see that the avg rainfall for May is 2 inches! (I think ATL hit somewhere over 6 inches of rain last month.) It was very dusty!! I hope you get your MUCH needed rain soon!


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