Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The vitality of travel


I love that Tony believes in the power of just getting away as much as I do.  He and I see eye-to-eye on the value of time.  Yes, a week down in Florida is warm and relaxing and far removed from everyday life, but sometimes all it really takes to get back into a good space is a day or three away.  A day spent reading by the lake while Tony fishes does wonders for my attitude after an especially long week.  And at the height of a busy summer, sometimes an extended weekend is the key to sanity. 

So, near or far, for 1 day or 2 weeks, travel is vital.  And being with someone who feels the same way has proven to be more important to me than I realized.    


  1. I am so glad you two share that! I have been DYING to get away! Heading to Aspen tomorrow for a 3 day mini vacay!!! :)


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