Thursday, January 9, 2014

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

I started the day off a bit cranky, and it seems that getting my attitude under control took all of the focus I had in me today.  So, how about we go at this bulleted-style?
  • Sometimes shoes are overrated.  I've been wandering all around my office in just my socks today, and I'm ok with it.
  • I've turned my coworkers into popcorn addicts...and I'm not apologizing.
  • I'm finally getting my hair colored next weekend, and I'm itching to do something a bit bolder than usual.
  • I've been gravitating towards neutrals lately...there's been an influx of black, greys, ivories, and blushes in my wardrobe.  Color is currently brought to you by scarves and jewelry.
  • Today has been one of those days when many of the deep thoughts running through my head have been grasped by bloggers and turned into beautifully written posts.  I love when my soul feels like it's being heard throughout the interwebs.
  • Tonight is pizza and Game of Thrones night with my good friend, Nate.  He got me hooked on GOT, and is now in charge of feeding my addiction...I feed him as a thank you.
  • I'm pretty sure Tony and I spent less than an hour together last night with both of us awake.  I may have let my inner old lady loose and decided to snuggle into the couch for a little "nap" around 8:00 PM.
  • There are no words to describe how happy I am to be able to stream the last 2 seasons of Dexter on Netflix.  No words.
  • Book club meets in 2 weeks and I am itching for a new reading assignment!  I'm determined to not slack off on club reads this year.  

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  1. 1. I love pop-corn too.. A little too much and I am not apologizing either ;)
    2. Please do share a picture when you get your hair coloured.
    3. I have heard a lot about Game of Thrones and I am hoping to start watching this year.
    4. I am yet to watch the last 5 episodes of Dexter's Final Season, so I am with you on that one! :D
    5. Books.. Me too!!! :D Do you share your reading assignments here? If it is a virtual book club, how does one join? Can you give me some details??

    Thanks a lot!! And good luck! :D


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