Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My new description...?

My mother just called me "a romantic Bostonphile" due to my wanting this:

and this:

...and I think she may be right!

I am now officially deeming myself a romantic Bostonphile and will wear that title proudly! I'm embracing my love of romantic quotes, black and white cityscapes, metro-maps, coffee, tote bags, the East Coast and any combination of the above.

Do any of you have a favorite city? Or consider yourselves hopeless romantics? Surely I'm not the only "romantic (insert favorite city)-phile" out there!


  1. I think those are adorable. Though I no longer live there, DC will forever be my favorite city!

  2. I love DC, as well! There's an energy in the air there that you can't find any place else.


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