Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Scenes from a weekend



What was forecasted to be the snowpocalypse of 2013, turned out to be a single day of big, wet snowflakes that left the roads wet and the grass lightly dusted in white.  Quite the let down as blizzards go, if I do say so myself.  Luckily the weekend wasn't wasted.  There was bacon and eggs, dogs chasing each other in the snow, gorgeous sunsets, a mother-daughter shopping extravaganza, dinner with friends, and snow covered rockies set against a blue Colorado sky.  


  1. I was pretty disappointed with our "blizzard" too but it was nice to stay in pj's and relax all weekend for once. You have beautiful views at your place!

  2. now, what is going on in that first photo? :)


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