Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's always the little things isn't it?


+ it's nonfat the morning and as a post-workout treat.
+ it's an evening spent with girlfriends, sipping on micobrews, talking about boys and about how this one, yea, this one feels like The One, and how it's not scary to say that to girlfriends over a beer.
+ it's printing out recipes in preparation for a snowy Saturday spent in the kitchen.
+ it's lunch dates with my Mom.
+ it's the mountains, always the mountains.
+ it's tv series marathons on Netflix.
+ it's longer days and the ability to go for after-work walks again.
+ it's the smell of rain in the air, and how it can transport me back to my final morning in Sydney...nostalgia in the Spring.


  1. Yum to the latte! I am liking the longer days too! It's so nice it's not dark when I get home from work now:) I LOVE and miss the mountains!

  2. i'm jealous of your mountain views!

    and the light after work makes all the difference!

    glad to hear things are going well with the boy!

  3. The one :)

    I like the little things too. I was walkign through my town early one morning last week- there was no one really out yet, but I could hear birds- it was pretty crisp out so I was bundled up and I just thought, this is really nice. I need to remember this moment :)


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