Saturday, April 13, 2013

Introducing: Ringo

After nearly a year and a half of loving on Tony's dogs, claiming them as my own, and gushing about them like an obsessed person, I thought it was finally time to introduce them to the blogosphere.

See that handsome, big-eared dog? That's my Ringo. My adorable, energetic, pain-in-the-butt baby, and I adore him.

Ringo is a 6 year old puppy who thinks any time is play time, loves to cuddle, and eats corn on the cob like a pro.  He hates thunder and rain, loves to drink shower water, and is the self-appointed leader of our backyard fox patrol. 

And, the only reason I can even type this little ditty right now is because he's sleeping in bed instead of attempting to sit on the laptop on my lap...he's special.  


  1. I LOVE dogs! Ringo is such a unique name for dog and he is so cute.

    Following you because your blog looks so inspirational.

    Have a peek into my blog once you get a chance.



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