Thursday, May 9, 2013

The best kind of night

Sometimes a quiet night in is the best kind of night.
Because I spend my weekends and one weeknight at Tony's (in a different town), I tend to jam-pack my remaining weeknights in town.  I have errands to run, workouts to sweat through, homework to ponder, and friends to catch-up with.  I truly am blessed, but those work-to gym-to dinner-to friends evenings can be exhausting. Added to that would be my 45-minute commute on the nights I do go to Tony's.  It's a gorgeous drive along the foothills, made better when the light is golden and it's warm enough to open the sunroof, but it's still a commute nonetheless.  So, in town or down at Tony's, my weeknights always seem rushed. 
Which is what makes nights like tonight so lovely: just me, my favorite hodge-podge kind of dinner (avocado, Morning Star sausage, & cranberry walnut bread, by the way), a new book, and season 6 of Dexter.  And a glass of red wine...obviously. 
Ahhh, an evening of relaxation!

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