Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gushing over Autumn

I realized that: a) I'm a post-slacker, and b) I haven't gushed about Autumn and my absolute love of the season yet! So, I am remedying both issues...

Autumn truly is my favorite time of year and it has been slowly moving in to Colorado over the past few weeks. You can feel Autumn's approach weeks before it ever hits: there's a crispness to the air, a few random yellow leaves make their early entrance on trees around town and the evenings begin to cool down. I love those few weeks just before Autumn arrives; I start to get excited and anxious for the season to settle in and wrap the world in its rich hues of gold, rust and burgundy. I wear a gooney smile on my face and embrace the few random days of cooler temperatures. And once Autumn is finally here, I can already be found in a state of utter bliss. This year has been no different.

Autumn seemed to settle over my town this afternoon. It is sunny, still warm, a slight breeze in the air and the streets are dotted with gorgeous, golden trees. Set this scene against the backdrop of the deep blue-green of the Rockies, and I think you can see why I gush. It's beautiful!
There is a front moving in over the mountains and the wind has started to pick up, blowing crunchy, fallen leaves all over the parking lot at work. I can't help but stare out the window, wanting to be outside. I have thoughts running through my head of: pumpkin spice lattes; scarves; warm, over-sized cardigans; suede boots; thick, comfy quilts; spicy-scented candles; hot apple cider and toasted cake donuts; fireplaces; leaf-peeping in the mountains; and evenings spent with a good book and glass of cabernet. Thoughts of all the things that embody Autumn for me...thoughts of some of my most favorite things.

Welcome, Autumn, I've been (impatiently) waiting for you!

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