Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Night Addiction

I am ADDICTED to Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva"!!! Does anyone else watch this show? It was a summer sitcom and a surprising hit for me. And, after tonight there is only one more show left...excuse me while I pine for the characters, humor and creative story line throughout the Fall.

A quick synopsis: Deb, aspiring model, dies in a car accident and rather than going to heaven her soul ends up in the body of Jane, a brilliant, thoughtful, plus-sized lawyer. While Deb adjusts to being Jane, she is aided by her guardian angel Fred and her best friend Stacy. These are the only people who know the truth about Deb/Jane. Added into the mix is Deb's fiance Grayson who is a new lawyer at Jane's firm. While Grayson grieves for Deb and works to move on, Jane has to watch and keep her secret. The big question: will Jane tell Grayson that she's really Deb or will she move on...maybe with Tony, the hottie lawyer who is currently persuing Jane?

If Jane doesn't want Tony, I will be more than happy to take him off of her hands. :-)

**picture of hottie lawyer to come...if I can track one down.

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