Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's not yet Autumn

While chatting with one of my Aussie friends this weekend, I found myself repeatedly reminding him that it was still summer in Colorado. He seemed to be convinced that summer is actually May through July, so obviously I must be mistaken.
"But," I said "it's only the beginning of August. Autumn is still a month away."
My argument didn't appear to be taking hold until I finally asked him if it was Spring yet in Sydney.
The answer?
"Not quite yet; it's still a month away." Ah-hah!
Those silly Northern versus Southern hemisphere seasons sure can be confusing.

So, the point of this apparently random story?
It's August.
Summer isn't over yet
...but, the practice for Autumn seems to be starting.

I woke up this morning completely and happily cocooned in my comforter. My nose was chilly from the cool air in my bedroom, and I found myself darting my hand out to hit the snooze button as quickly as possible, not wanting to expose it to the world outside of my blankets for longer than necessary. My morning shower was reminiscent of those on Autumn mornings: hotter than normal, leaving my skin bright and rosy. And coffee, which is always step one for me, no matter the season, seemed to ease me into waking up better than usual. The sky was grey, and the mountains were veiled in low-lying clouds on my drive to work. There was a hint of the sun in the sky, the promise of afternoon sunshine once the mist burned off, but in that moment, Colorado felt like Autumn.

I'm so ready for it.

ps- in Australia, a comforter is referred to as a doona...I don't know why, but I kind of love it.


  1. Erin! What did I say about wishing this summer away! We still have one more month of glorious hot weather and I don't want winter to get here sooner than it needs to.
    (Although I do secretly like autumn mornings too) =)

  2. Well, I woke up sweating so it is still summer on the East coast! ha Andrew calls it a that must be the kiwi term...but I have heard it here before.
    And, agreed with Courtney- NO WISHING SUMMER AWAY! :)

  3. The weather was miraculously cooler here today, too! 90 with almost no humidity-- that's practically autumn in the south ;)

  4. I'd like to hang onto summer a little bit longer! But I guess moving to South Carolina will help! (Which I am super excited for a little bit warmer climate) but I do love autumn and all the leaves and crisp mornings!

  5. haha - doona! And please don't let summer slip away just yet! My summer break doesn't start til Tuesday! And I NEED the 12 days I have to be as glorious as ever!!!


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