Friday, July 29, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

1. My favorite color is green. I have a serious, mad, crazy love for this color, and most people know it because I'm always gravitating towards it.

2. My travel destination of choice is, like Lauren, the least at this moment. I could go for a little weekend jaunt up to the mountains. Crisp mountain air, a little hiking, glorious blue skies full of fluffy white clouds and s'mores. Yep, that sounds good right now.

3. My favorite food is bread. Oh, my unhealthy love of's ridiculous. I'm also a big fan of cheese. And bread + cheese? Yep, heaven.

4. My happy place is Barnes and Noble, or a quirky coffee shop with comfy chairs. Really, my happy place is wherever I'm alone in my head, or curled up with a book and a cup of tea or coffee.  Can we say introvert? 

5. My favorite saying is "smokin' deal"...not because I say it very often, but because it's my Mother's phrase and it never ceases to make me smile. Jamie and I frequently discuss our latest "smokin' deals" and then chuckle because it's such a Debby phrase...and we kind of like Debby.

6. My dirty little secret is that I only own a couple pairs of jeans. I live in jeans, but I wash and re-wear the same pairs over and over. I don't see the point of having a closet full of jeans when just a few, well bought pairs will get you by.

7. Something friends might say about me is that when I set my mind to something, I tend to stick with it. This can make me seem like a stick in the mud if I really don't want to do something, or it can be quite fun when I'm gung-ho about something.


  1. i would love a trip to the mountains right now. i need some hiking and biking and gorgeous views.

    and i totally agree on the jeans. i have 3 pairs of gap jeans i love to pieces!

  2. Love this post!! I'm also a huge B&N fan!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. I love sitting in a bookstore and getting lost in magazines, books, etc. Such a great way to have some quiet time!

  4. I cant even remember the last time I had a normal (Non maternity) pair of jeans on! haha
    I love green too. I think my whole house is green. seriously.

  5. I, too, have a very unhealthy love of bread. When that Adkins diet or whatever was really popular, I couldn't CONCEIVE how people could just cut out bread! I mean.. WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THAT?! :) I could use a trip to the mountains right about now, too! :)


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