Friday, July 22, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

1. One of my happiest moments ever was coming through customs in Sydney, Australia to find Jamie and Nick waiting with huge smiles on their faces. Those first hugs were the best!

2. Summer is wedding season and weddings are a lovely celebration of a couple's love. I think weddings are gorgeous and can be fabulously lavish affairs, but are sometimes over done. I'm partial to a City Hall ceremony myself and will stand firm on only having the closest family and friends at my wedding (when/if I get married). A wedding is for you and your love, and those people who have helped you to become the couple you are. They aren't for family you hardly know, friends of parents you've never met and other "supposed-to" invites. *in my opinion*

3. This summer has been my busiest one yet, work wise, and has been surprisingly hot and humid. Granted, this is by CO standards, so the heat is to be expected, but the lasting humidity is a surprise.

4. My summer food of choice has been mangoes and caesar salads.

5. My summer uniform has been lots of sundresses, or jean capris, tank/tee, flip flops and a cardi in my purse for the evenings. I spend a lot of time in my running shorts, too, but that's not overly glamorous, although they are super comfy.

6. If I could spend the entire summer in one location I would choose Colorado, actually. I love Colorado summers, and compared with the other summers I've experienced (Midwest, East coast, tropical) I don't think I would trade mine in.

7. My summer anthem is either Young Blood by The Naked and Famous or Just A Little Bit by Kids of 88.


  1. good! I've only been to Colorado once and I loved it, but maybe I should visit... amazing.

    Just stopping by from Fill in the Blank Friday!
    -Sar at Life of Love

  2. i would love to spend my summers in colorado!

    i was there last summer and i LOVED it!

    happy friday!

  3. (Guess whoo!) Amen to numero dos lady, and my answer that popped into my head to #6 would have to be FORT COLLINS. :) duh.

  4. I don't think anything beats a really good Caesar salad. and aren't friends waiting for just the best?? stopping by from the link up :)

    {I'm hosting a giveaway & would love to see you there!}

  5. Caesar salads are the best things ever! I have at least 2 of them a week, ha-ha.

    Stopping by from Lauren's blog :)


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