Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Romanticized image: The seduction of perfection

The thing about Paris is that it's seductive. It's not the men or the dates or even the perfect kisses that have the power to seduce you...No, it's the city itself--the quaint alleyways, the picturesque bridges, the perfectly manicured gardens, the rainbow of flowers that bloom everywhere in graceful harmony in the springtime. It's the way the sparkling lights illuminate everything at night, the way the stars dangle over the city like someone placed them there by hand, the way the Seine ripples softly like a supple blanket stretched between the banks. It's the hidden cafes, the tiny, self-righteous dogs, and the cobblestone streets where you least expect them. It's the bright green of the grass, the deep blue of the sky, the blinding white of the Sacre-Coeur.

It is perfection. And in perfection, there is seduction. Because maybe if you stay long enough in a city that's so perfect, you'll find perfection in your own life, too.

-Kristin Harmel-
from The Art of French Kissing

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