Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On my June bookshelf

I realize July is nearly over, but I hadn't yet posted my June reads, so I figured I'd hop to it before I lost another month to this speedy summer I seem to be having!

I traveled to Michigan with my Mom at the beginning of June, and travel almost always leads to extra reading for me thanks to hanging out in airports and not being a plane talker. I also tend to gravitate towards beachy chick lit and Young Adult reads, so don't be fooled into thinking I'm a fast reader...I just have the book tastes of a teenager when the sun is out and the temps are skyrocketing.

ps- Russian Winter was an incredible novel, and was neither beachy nor YA.  I definitely recommend this one to anyone who likes fiction that weaves together characters and stories from their present-day and their relevant past.

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  1. I will put Russian Winter on my list! Thanks for the recommendation!


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