Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Your fondest of daydreams

Yesterday, Matchbook Magazine posted the following question on their Facebook page:

LET'S DISCUSS: In your fondest of daydreams, do you live in a quaint country cottage, a lavish city apartment or perhaps a cozy cabin by the seashore? We’d love to hear what your dream home is.

In my fondest of daydreams I definitely live in a city apartment, or even a townhome. I'm not sure if "lavish" would be its best description, but it would be a stylish, cosy, truly livable space with fabulous views...perhaps of the Sydney Harbour? I love the idea of an Australian highrise apartment with views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. I also love the idea of a city townhouse full of character, just down the street from a pretty park.

This being said, since it is my daydream, you wouldn't hear me say no to a quaint country cottage, perfect for family vacations. Right now, this cottage is near the sea because I love the idea of spending evenings on the dock, sipping wine with friends. But tomorrow this cottage may be tucked into the Tuscan country side, a short bike ride away from the vineyards; or it may be nestled into the Swiss Alps near a town with a medieval bridge.

Clearly my daydreams are taking me outside of the US, but that's the lovely thing about daydreams: you get to go wherever your heart desires in that moment.

So, tell me: where are your fondest daydreams transporting you to today?


  1. Ohhhh I dream daily of a quaint country cottage... preferably of the historic nature. Preferably my country cottage would sit on a cliff on Mackinac Island in Michigan-- country and lakeside all rolled into one!

  2. I'm daydreaming of vacation. We just got home from vacation 2 weeks ago and I already feel as if I need another!
    I hope you are having a great week!

  3. I know you don't think it's weird that I can perfectly picture what you mean and I can even picture a little Erin right in the middle :) Love this idea!

  4. ALL THREE! hahaha Is that possible?
    I think city beats all the others though. But, I like being on water too :)


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