Friday, September 30, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

1. My current obsession is the Savannah Chopped Salad at McAlister's. I've eaten it twice this week and just want more. Pretty sure it's the blue cheese crumbles that keep me coming back for more right now.

2. Feeling like I have control over my life again is mak(ing) me happy.

3. My greatest strength is my knowledge of myself. I have always prided myself on knowing who I am and what the majority of my limits are. I think personal knowledge is essential to making good decisions and ultimately being happy in life.

4. My ability to take on my family and friends' worries as though they are my own is my greatest weakness.
(well, one of them at least)

5. My life is lovely again. I had a rough month dealing with several issues, and started to feel some real depression coming on, but managed to refocus myself on the things I had control over and started to work on accepting the things I couldn't control. The first time my Mom called to tell me how nice it was to hear the old me back (happy, perky voice) was when it all really sunk in just how unhappy I'd been. And now I feel like I am making up for that "lost" month with a perfectly busy social calendar and lots of smiles.

6. In high school I was just myself. I knew just about everyone, but was close friends with a small circle. I've never been popular, nor an outcast; just a townie on good terms with most people.

7. When I'm super tired I get emotional. I either cry or get a bad attitude really fast; sometimes I do both. Obviously, it's fun to be on the receiving end of a tired Erin.


  1. Life is lovely! You go girl:-) Smile on and find beauty in the mundane! xoxo

  2. This is a really great Fill in the Blank Friday, Erin. Glad to know you're feeling good and focusing on the good in life! Life is lovely again:) I like that.

  3. #6 I can so relate.

    Now, #3 is key. I'm with you there. I went through so much in so little time once I HAD to learn the ability to know myself well. And you know what else? I guess nobody can have a good, adult relationship without first knowing oneself. It's super important.

    Nice blog! Come visit me too sometime.


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