Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Morning World

via Pinterest

Some mornings just call for lounging in bed while catching up on episodes of Dexter, season 5. The windows and patio door open, cool morning air chilling my room. A mug of hot, strong coffee sitting next to a half-eaten yogurt on the night stand. Autumn leaves and toasted hazelnut candles are lit in an attempt to will Colorado's crisp, Fall weather to town. Laundry needs to be started, packing needs to be done and there are friends to meet for lunch...but for now, this quiet, lazy morning is my world.


  1. Seriously, you always describe my perfect mornings!!! I wish I were doing that this morning too..

  2. Sunday mornings are the best! They are the only day I stay in bed for as long as I can manage. It was in the 30s this morning and my windows were opened... It was the perfect Fall morning :)

  3. <3 love everything about this!

  4. You know I love you for posts just like these! xo


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