Tuesday, February 7, 2012

For the love of mussels

I have always been a texture eater, meaning if the texture was odd, I probably wasn't going to eat it. This used to severely limit some of the things that I would and would not eat.
Mushrooms? Nope, too slimy.
Sushi? Nope, not a normal texture.
Mussels, clams, scallops? Nope, nope and nope...slimy, chewy, strange.

Well, I am happy to say my taste buds have slowly started to mature. I'm definitely still a texture eater, but now I have a better appreciation (and love) for foods I used to avoid.

Happy Hour Mussels with Chelsae

Mussels have become my latest obsession. Those little slimy, alien-looking things from the ocean terrified me until last April when Jamie talked me into giving them a try. I am so glad I was feeling adventurous and listened to my bestie! Mussels are phenomenal...seriously. And, everytime I enjoy them I remember eating them for the first time with my bestie in Sydney, Australia...and enjoying them by candlelight with Tony and good friends on New Year's Eve 2011 when a windstorm cut-off power. 
Good times.

Mussels at Manly Beach, AUS

Happy Gal!

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  1. I love mussels. Sadly, I am alergic to them! not all shell fish, just mussels, scallops...and a couple weird ones. Andrew ALWAYS orders them and I sit there and drool.


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