Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Lately List


Today, I find myself rather frustrated with things that are completely out of my control. Some of it is a spill over from some massive venting last night, and some of it is a new challenge for a new day. Regardless, you all know how much I love dealing with things that I have no control's not pretty as you can imagine.

So, I thought I would work on changing my mental focus a bit with a Happy Lately List!

Here's what's making me smile these days:

1. Chocolate chip, pecan cookies
2. Treating my cheetah print flats as a neutral
(read: wearing them daily)
3. The rowing machine at the gym
4. A fro-yo date with my roomie
5. "Good morning, beautiful girlfriend" texts from Tony
6. A dog that gets so excited to see me she wedges herself between my legs the minute I walk in the door so I can't get away until she's had her fill
7. Celestial Seasoning's Morning Thunder tea + vanilla almond milk
8. Re-reading Valentine's Day cards
9. Thursday dinner dates with Chelsae
10. Fun new earrings from my Mama

What's making you all happy lately?


  1. I love making my own happy lists!! ALthough I havnet done on in ages! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I will definitely been making one of these lists. It's been a looong month. A little happiness is what I need!

  3. fro yo! i love it! and cheetah print flats! even more fun and they are totally neutral!

    i don't know if i can agree with the erg at the gym though! i was on the crew team in college and spent a lot of time on those!


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