Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An evening for me

I had the greatest of intentions to edit and post some of the (sadly few) photos I took up in Cody, but instead I opted to put that on hold and had a much-needed Erin evening. It was lovely!

I took advantage of having a free evening and did some of my favorite things: I wandered through Sunflower Market, admiring the pretty produce and sampling the fresh sushi. I swung by the Library to pick up a book on hold and ended up walking out with 2 others. I finally got around to doing a couple loads of laundry...I'll be sleeping on freshly-washed sheets tonight! I enjoyed steel cut oatmeal with brown sugar and strawberries for dinner. I spent an hour at the gym, where it was surprisingly quiet. And, now, I'm sipping on a glass of Chianti and watching Downtown Abbey...I'm nearly done with Season 1 on Netflix and I'm desperate for more! Reading a couple of chapters before switching off my light will perfectly complete this evening.

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