Wednesday, April 18, 2012

He's a smart one

The problem with two members of the same household* having identical travel mugs is that they can be easily confused.  Rumor has it this is really only problematic for the only-child member of said household. 
(I've heard she doesn't share well). 
The youngest-of-4 member could care less whose mug he's using so long as it keeps coffee from spilling on him on the way into work. 

Thank goodness that man I fell in love with knows not to argue when he reaches for a mug and, without even looking up from where I'm loving on the doggies, I say, "nope, that one's mine"; he simply grabs the other mug and continues on his merry way. 

Yep, he's a smart one, that man of mine. 

*disclaimer: Tony & I don't live together, but I spend a lot of time at his house*


  1. Ahh, I feel his pain when it comes to living with an only child. =) Sometimes you just have to make certain sacrifices to keep them only children happy.

  2. Wait, you live with him? I feel so out of the loop on all of this romance gonig on!

  3. sweet, hilarious, and smart ;) post


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