Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let's talk movies

I love movies...always have...always will.  I'm probably always going to be that person who likes, if not loves, most movies that I see.  I know what I'm getting into when I select my viewing pleasure.  You want a movie that will make you think?  Don't see a romantic comedy.  You want a movie that will make you laugh?  I recommend staying away from most dramas.  You want someone to bash out a movie with you?  Don't take me. 


That being said, I am not always 100% thrilled with the movies that I see.  Case in point: The Hunger Games.  Now, before everyone out there starts egging this post, let me just say that I enjoyed the movie, thought the casting was spot on, and am no where near as disappointed with it as I was with Twilight, but I did leave the theater a bit disappointed and rather underwhelmed.  I thought they did a phenomenal job with the actual games, but where was the character development?  Where was the depth?  The background?  Part of what made the book so engrossing was the attachments the reader made with the characters, and I just didn't get any of that from the movie.  Especially the lack of information on Gale.  I know he doesn't have a huge role in the first part of the story, but his friendship is a part of Katniss' background and plays a vital role in her struggle with who she's supposed to be: who she was with Peeta during the games, or who she was with Gale away from the games?  The movie should've touched on this more because if you haven't read the book, you're probably going to walk away from the movie without a good understanding of her internal struggle.  So, The Hunger Games was enjoyable and had superb casting, but left me wanting more.


A movie that didn't disappoint was Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.  Most of the time, I'm of the opinion that Emily Blunt can do no wrong, and when paired with sexy Ewan McGregor, Kristin Scott Thomas and a quirky, romantic story line I would say this theory proved true.  On the surface, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is about an improbable desire to bring fishing to the desert, but more than that it's a story about relationships and about love.  There's the relationship between a husband and a wife who have drifted apart; a budding relationship put to the test in the face of deployment; a political relationship between differing countries; a relationship between government and human desire; and what was to be a purely work-related relationship heavy with annoyance and disagreement that turned into something more.  I'm a romantic sap at heart and I was blown away by this movie's focus on friendship and perseverance.  The characters took the improbable and made it probable.  Obviously, I recommend you all rush out and see this one...but only if you like the slightly off-beat movies.  Yes, this is a romantic comedy, but it still has a slightly British-indie vibe to it, which I adore. 


  1. OHMYGODMYMOVIEBOOKSOULMATEHOWIHAVEMISSEDYOU!!!!! I'm truly sorry for the all caps but my heart is skipping beats right now - I forgot how much I yell "I KNOOOOW!!!" and "THAAANK YOOUU!!" outloud at myself when reading your blog.

    That awkwardness put aside, I still have not seen the Hunger Games and I just want to hug you for posting this. That is exaactly what I thought would happen :/ I am so relieved haha because now I can at least prepare myself.

    (I realize this might be your longest comment, ever, but it's just been too damn long...) Saving the best for last here, you brought a small tear to my eye when you educated me on the fact that my two favorite actors are in THEBEST type of movie there is :) I don't know what rock I have been living under, but thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU! xo jess :)

  2. I agree with the bit on Hunger Games completely. Casting was superb but yeah, they could have focused on the characters much more. But then again, the movies are almost NEVER as good a s the books, so I was kinda expecting it, I guess! :S

  3. because you rock - I gave you a blog award today :)


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