Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baltimore Day 3

The third day of my trip was a HOT one! We're talking high humidity and temps of 100 degrees! But, we weren't going to let that stop us, so we piled into the car and headed to Annapolis. Granted, there was a little whining from time to time and huge sighs of relief could be heard from all three of us when we would walk into any place with AC. But, I loved Annapolis. I had never been before, and I am so glad that we decided to spend the afternoon in the downtown area. It was beautiful! Lots of cute shops, cobbled streets lined with potted flowers and, of course, it's right on the water.

We wandered around town a little bit, strolled down to the docks and then decided that not only were we dying of heat, but we were starving! So, we found a great restaurant on the water, enjoyed a fabulous meal and lowered our body temps a bit. Stepping back onto the street from the restaurant was like hitting a wall of hot humidity; it was intense. I've had my fair share of experiences with humidity (lots of summers spent in the Midwest), but I am a Colorado girl who loves dry heat, so humidity always makes me a little whiney...this certainly isn't one of my best qualities. Luckily, I wasn't the only one totally floored by the heat and humidity, Matt and Corey were just as uncomfortable as I was. We quickly popped into a local coffee shop for 3 large iced coffees and then darted into stores and dashed from shaded area to shaded area on the way back to the car. The three of us also braved the direct sun just long enough to take several cute pictures near the State Capitol Building. Sometimes you just have to indulge in touristy urges.

Despite Matt's grumblings, Corey and I were able to sweet talk him into stopping at a local Outlet Mall for a bit of shopping (and a bathroom break!) on the way back to Baltimore. She and I were both successful and Matt was very well behaved. I have to give him major kudos for always putting up Corey and me and our shenanigans. He does it so gracefully (is that weird to say about a guy?).

After Annapolis and shopping, Corey and I dropped Matt off at the apartment because we had a girls' night planned! We killed a little time by wandering around Target, bought some candy for Matt as a thank you for putting up with us and then picked up Corey's friend Amy. She was such a sweetheart! The three of us gossiped over dinner and then went to see Sex and the City 2!! I was so excited! But, I have to say that I was a little let down. I loved the TV series and thought the first movie was wonderful, but I felt like the 2nd one was trying too hard to one-up the first movie. The clothes were beautiful, the scenery and locations left me awestruck and of course, the ladies were fabulous. But even with all of that, the movie left me wanting. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I wasn't as blown away by SATC2 as I had wanted to be. Once the movie was over, Corey, Amy and I met up with two other ladies, Carrie and Abby, for dessert and to catch up. I've known Carrie for about a year now and it was great getting to see her. Even though SATC2 was a little disappointing, girls' night was a success!

(Amy, Corey, Abby, Carrie and Me)

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  1. Ugh. I never knew heat without humidity existed until I went on a road trip out west in college. We went through Colorado.
    My cousin lives in Annapolis, and I actually have never been. When we go to MD, we all meet at my Aunt's house (which is now out on the chesapeake and before that in another part of MD)
    Yey for Matt letting you stop and shop!
    It is the Opposite for Andrew and I-He loves to shop, and by shop, I mean look at everything and not buy anything, and I can’t stand it. I like to get in and get out with what I need. When he wants to head up to the outlets, I always try to come up with a way out! Hahah Or, I bring a book to read while I wait! I used to blame it on the fact that he was in a new country with all new stores-and our stuff is just SOOO much cheaper...maybe he is getting better now that i think of it! :)


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