Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The window seat

When I was little I had a big window seat in my room,
and this window seat opened up and could store all of my treasures inside of it.
For the most part, my treasures were of the stuffed animal variety.
And sometimes when I was really sad or mad
or the world just became too big to handle,
I would climb inside my window seat,
surrounded by all of my stuffed and cozy.

Tonight I kind of wish I still had a cozy window seat to climb into.
The world is just a little too big for me tonight
and I wouldn't mind hiding from it for a couple of hours...
with my favorite stuffed animal, of course.


  1. aw, now i really want a big window seat to hide in! i know how you feel though.. sometimes life just gets overwhelming and you just want to hide out for a while. hope all is well and gets well soon!!

  2. Erin !!!! thanks a lot :)
    your blog are nice . I like your template,it 's classic.


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