Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A little Skype gushing...

I seriously love Skype! I love that even though Jamie is halfway across the world and in a different hemisphere than me, Skype makes it seem almost like we're roomies again...well, maybe not roomies, but it makes it seem like we live in the same country again.

I think our morning conversations are my favorite. Technically, it's morning for me and just before bedtime for her, but we'll say "morning" for convenience. This is when it really feels like we're living together again. We had our morning routine down pat when we were roomies, so when we're Skyping and I hop up to shower or blow dry my hair, I don't even have to say anything; she automatically knows what part of my morning routine I'm at and just goes with the flow. It's awesome.

When we lived together, Jamie was usually ready faster than I was, so she'd sit on the toilet (with the cover down, obviously) and we'd babble at each other while I finished my hair and put on my make-up. Well, that's exactly what we still do. Haha...I put the computer on the toilet, tell Jamie she's on her throne, and we continue to chatter away while I finish getting ready. It's perfect! I also love running outfit ideas by her. She know my style, knows how I handle different types of weather and if I give her a general run-down she can yay or nay clothing choices almost as if she were living in the next room again.

My life simply wouldn't be the same without our random, all-over-the-board conversations, so I'm glad they can still happen. It's not the same as having her here, but you won't hear me complaining about our video chats, where, when Skype freezes (as it tends to do), Jamie's face is always stuck in some hilariously awkward position, or when we're just IMing each other we somehow manage to carry on 5 different strings of conversation without flaw until one of us mentions in, causing confusion to set it until we have to pick just one conversation to run with. It's how we roll!

By the way, according to this morning's conversation, I will be moving to Australia so Jamie and I can drink goon (wine) and drive around the country following the bushfires until we meet sexy firemen and eventually settle down near a bigger city. Naturally, these firemen will be brothers and I already called dibs on the older of the two.


  1. hahah, I love it!!
    Skype really is amazing. When Andrew was in NZ, we skyped, but we didnt have video then!! Just the im feature and phone on it- and We ALWAYS talked when he got home from work which was when I was going to bed, and then sometimes in my morning if he was still up! I love how you still put Jamie on her Throne to chat :)

  2. that is awesome! despite living abroad i never used skype that much. i preferred to email with my best friend - i loved reading them and writing back at work.

    my sister uses it constantly with her friends, but it kinda weirds me out for the video!

  3. omg this post is amazing!!!


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