Friday, March 4, 2011

Exciting News!

Well, I finally did it. I bought my tickets to visit Jamie in AUSTRALIA!! I will be in a land down under from April 9th through April 23rd...two whole weeks abroad! It was exhilarating, a little scary and definitely exciting. Hearing how excited Jamie was when I told her pretty much made my day! I cannot wait. We spent the rest of the evening skyping and basically just saying different forms of "oh my god, you're going to be in Australia soon!". So fabulous!

I've said before that Australia was never high on my list of places to visit, but I want to explore this country that has stolen my best friend's heart, and I am legitimately excited to do so. I need to experience this piece of her life that is so important to her, and therefore important to me, because Australia and the time she has spent there has become part of the definition of Jamie.

But, dear readers, I haven't traveled internationally in 10 YEARS, nor have I ever done it by myself, so if you have any tips for me please feel free to share. I know it's going to be a wonderful adventure and things will go smoothly, but a little preparation never hurts.

Happy Friday!


  1. Wow, Australia! You will have fun!!! I'm so jealous!

  2. YEY!!!!
    I am so excited for you!!!
    We can talk more about this as it gets closer!


    ....AHHHHHH! :D

    I'm still beyond ecstatic, can you tell?

  4. YAY!!!!!!
    You are going to have soooooo much fun! I know how exciting it was for me when my best friend came to visit me in Ireland when I lived there!!

  5. take me with you? so jealous! the furthest i've gone is barbados, so i don't have many tips to share. maybe take an ambien for the plane ride?


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