Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gorge and gab-fest with girlfriends

I just got back from a long lunch with 2 of my favorite ladies, and it was wonderful! I'm slowly, but surely getting back into the routine of my life, and I must say that time with my girlfriends is my favorite. There is nothing like catching up, giggling over boys and their silly antics and venting about work with your girlfriends. Girls just get it! And, so I babbled about my trip and we talked about our respective jobs (2 of us work for the same agency) and discussed living situations for the coming year all while gorging on some of the best sushi in town. It was lovely.

Is it strange that I always feel a little cool, city chic when I meet my girlfriends for lunch? It's the perfect break in the day, but the office is still kind of calling to you because no matter how much you want to just escape, there is still work to be done...it makes me feel very adult-like.
Yes, I'm an odd one.

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