Thursday, April 28, 2011

I miss this.

I cannot promise the sappy, I-miss-Australia posts won't go on for a while, but bear with me. The post-traveling blues have hit me hard, and even though I am back to feeling normal and smiling at the fact that I'm lucky enough to live in as beautiful a state as Colorado, I left a piece of my heart behind in Australia. I want to say that I specifically left it in Sydney because stepping off of the plane in Sydney felt like coming home, but there's a bit scattered up in North Queensland, too, simply because there are lovely memories there.

I miss uninterrupted time with my best friend. The sense of complete understanding and acceptance between she and I is overwhelmingly powerful and comforting.

I miss all of the new friends that I made; truly fabulous people who embraced me as their own and showed me the time of my life.

I miss the vibrant, yet calming pulse of Sydney.

I miss every day feeling like a new, little adventure. I didn't need to know where I was or where I was going all the time; everything was fine so long as we were laughing and having a good time.


  1. It can be so hard coming home from a great trip, especially getting to see your best friend! I can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  2. i haven't boarded my plane for NY yet and already i know how much i'm going to miss my twinkie. Being a twin is one of the most dearest blessings... i call her my "womb mate." Don't you hate the holiday blues? that already i am dreading it.

    what a magical photograph to always treasure and what you said about having a best friend-- that lovely connection... perfection.


  3. Post-travel blues are the WORST. Hope you've settled back into beauuutiful Colorado! :)


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