Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why yes, I do read even when I travel...

...but to be perfectly honest, I actually thought I would read more than I did while on my trip. I'm usually a horrible sleeper on airplanes and I tend to read for a few hours straight when I'm flying. But, the usual rules didn't seem to apply to my international travel. I read a little on my flight from Denver to LAX; slept basically the entire flight to Sydney; read a fair bit up to Townsville and back to Sydney again; and read a bit here and there while I was in Sydney and Townsville. All of that amounted to an entire book and two-thirds of another. That is usually what I read on a weekend trip to Boston...I take this as a sign of the amazing amounts of fun I was having; clearly too much to give in to my book nerd ways.

Anyway, the few books that I read in April were:

ps- I'm a tad obsessed with Kristan Higgins right now...perfect Spring, chick lit reads!

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