Monday, March 19, 2012

An ode to green bean selection


One of my favorite things to do is to hand-select green beans at the grocery store. Is that weird? Probably...maybe even definitely. I love walking into the store to be greeted by a giant pile of bright green beans. No joke, I get visibly excited and usually make a bee line straight for my favorite veggie. I'm not one of those shoppers who haphazardly grab handfuls of green beans and call it good. Oh no, I'm that obnoxious shopper who hovers over the bin, sifting through each and every bean on the hunt for perfection. These wonderfully crisp veggies must be selected with care: bright green wins over washed-out olive; long is far superior to short and shriveled; and heaven forbid you get stuck with a limp green bean when firm ones are to be had! So you see hand-selecting is necessary. I know when I walk out of the grocery I have a bag full of the best-of-the-best green beans and a smile on my face. Definitely odd...but so very Erin.


  1. It is odd! lol. Actually green beans are my least favorite because I hate cuttin the ends off EACH SIDE! It takes FOREVER to prep before cooking. My mom grows TONS Of beans in her garden and will drop off a huge grocery bag of them and I LOVE free beans, but I hate the work. lol.

  2. We might be soul sisters or something because green beans are my favorite food ever!! Love fresh, pretty green beans!!


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