Sunday, January 17, 2010

I heart 3 day weekends

I'm loving the fact that it's Sunday night, but I'm treating it like a Saturday because I am off of work tomorrow!!! I love 3 days weekends more than I can describe.

And what a weekend it's been! Friday night was low-key; the perfect end to a busy week. I ran a few errands on my way home from work and then dove into Meg Cabot's Queen of Babble Gets Hitched while doing an awesome cardio work-out. The book was cute and funny with loveable characters and left me wanting even more of this series. After working out, I freshened up a bit and headed to Barnes and Noble. I grabbed an Americano, browsed around a bit, found an open chair and settled in to finish my book. Yep, I nerded it up and it was lovely!

Saturday started off with manicures with my Mom. It had been so long since I'd had a mani, and my nails were in serious need of a little TLC. I went with Spa Ritual's Can You Dig It, and am loving it! Just enough golden sparkle to be interesting, but not enough to blind you in the sun. LOL. Then, we met up with my dad for lunch and a little furniture shopping. I'm on the hunt for a black, wooden dining room table, that I can afford on a budget. I found a few tables that have made it into the running, but I haven't made my final decision yet. I wrapped up Saturday by cooking dinner with my friend Betsy. It was nice to just cook a real meal, lounge in our sweats and chat about roommates, boys, school, work and just life in general.

Today was another easy-going day. Kaity and I met up for a long-awaited coffee and spent some time getting caught up on each other's lives. I've known Kaity since elementary school, but we no longer live in the same town, so it's nice when we're able to find the time in our busy lives to just sit and talk. After coffee, I ran a bunch of errands around town (what else are weekends for?) and then joined my parents for dinner and the Golden Globes. They have an incredible flat screen, so it's far more fun to watch the award shows on their TV than on mine. I made it home in time to throw in the 30 Day Shred dvd and let Jillian Michael's kick my butt! It's been quite awhile since I've done the Shred and I can guarantee that I'll be feeling this tomorrow!

As for tomorrow, I'm going to see Invictus, do some laundry, start my reading for the class I'm taking this semester (reason #27 why I love working in higher ed.) and introduce my mom to the amazingness that is The Tudors.

How have all of your weekends been? Do you all have a 3 day weekend, too?


  1. I have a 3 day weekend. I would still be in bed right now, but we all got up early to head to Boston for the day. DUE to the snow storm, .we are not going now. So I am kind of sorta pouting on the couch reading blogs! :))
    My NZ in-laws are heading to NYC the day after tomorrow and we are not going with them there either. Basically, they dont care about not getting to go to Boston because they get to go to NYC for 5 days.
    I guess I will just try to be happy with my laptop in all this snow in the woods! :) Key word "TRY"
    BUT, on a happier note, sounds like you had an amazing weekend. Good look on the table search. Show pictures of your choices if you get a chance.

  2. I had my Barnes and Noble "me" time yesterday after church. Same deal, grabbed a few magazines a Starbucks latte and sat in a chair for almost an hour and a half. Great day! Where are you furniture shopping?

  3. I got a manicure this weekend and honestly, I can't stop looking at my hands. They look SO good and girly, I can't stand it. I may have to invest in doing this more often because it's so worth it.

    See you tomorrow for WITWW!


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