Friday, January 8, 2010

An Ice Box and A Cardigan

Oh, me oh, my it is frigid today! I know it's only early afternoon, but the temperature hasn't even hit double digits yet, and I am just so not in the mood for this cold weather right now. Don't get me wrong, I actually do like Winter as a season, and normally I enjoy chilly temps because they give me an excuse to get all bundled up and cozy, but my patience is worn thin right now. And, I know the culprit: my freaking, freezing, ice box of an office! Holy cow! Yes, I'm whining and I do apologize, but seriously, if you were sitting at my desk right now you would be whining, too. I'm dressed warmly, have a large space heater as close to me as it can get without catching something on fire or causing me to trip and hurt myself, I have my winter coat on my lap like a blanket and yet my nose is still cold to the touch, my fingers are practically blue and my desk might as well be a block of ice! Brrrr!

Ahhhh, I feel a tad better after that little woe-is-me party. Thanks for sticking with me!

Onto something a tad more cheerful than the state of my under-insulated office: a new cardigan! I have been on the hunt for the perfect cardigan for months! I found one that almost fit the bill at Forever 21 a couple of months ago but just wasn't blown away by it; I found several cute ones at New York & Co. and Old Navy (and did buy 1 that I adore), but they still weren't matching the vision inside my head; and while I'd continually checked Target (it is my mecca afterall, so I'm there more often than I care to admit) even this love of my life couldn't deliver. In fact, I was seriously disappointed with Target's cardigan and sweater selection this year. I mean, come on Target, cardigans are all the rage right now, plus the world is full of nerdy all-the-time-cardigan-lovers like me and all you have are thin worthless ones or basic cardis?! Unacceptable. Well, after last night, Target and I are back on good terms again because I found exactly what I'd been looking for (and for only $20):

And while I have seen similar cardigans at Target and other stores, none of them fit me as perfectly as this one. Success! I am a happy, albeit cold, camper.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. What a great sweater! STAY WARM! :-)

  2. You need to post a picture of yourself in it, I'm jumping on the cardigan bandwagon too!
    And I feel your pain about the cold in your office. My fingers almost froze off this morning.

  3. It is just FREEZING in Philly! I haven't even gone outside today!

  4. Love it! Love how it is long! I just live in cardies (That is what my husband calls them, and I am not sure if that is how it would be spelt). I found a cute new one at Marshalls last week. AND, my other new one this winter is from a thrift store! It still had the tags on it! :)

  5. I call them cardies, too and never know how to spell it! lol. Is it -ies or just -is? Ack! But, cardigans are my favorite, AND I love a good thrift store find!!! :-) Oh, I did just find the perfect cream cardi at a Gap Outlet, so that was quite exciting, too.


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