Monday, January 25, 2010

Wine + Pizza + Good Friends + Coffee

Mondays are always a little rough...the weekend is over, the real world is beckoning you to join it again, work is anxiously waiting for you in the morning and there's the over-arching knowledge that it's only Monday. Yep, Mondays can be a shock to the system.

Well, this Monday my friend Chelsae and I decided we would combat our cases of the Mondays (and her jury summons) by meeting after work for wine and pizza. A local restaurant offers $5 wine flights on Mondays and half-price pizzas before 6 pm. Perfect!!

After enjoying our wine selections, inhaling our shrimp and artichoke thin crust pizza (so good!), chatting about that baffling thing called "how boys think" and laughing like the crazy gals we are, we paid our bill and walked across the street to one of our favorite coffee houses. Neither of us were quite ready to head home in order to tackle homework and/or the gym, so coffee and more gossip seemed like the best choice. I mean, you really can't go wrong with a soy latte to top off the evening, right?

This was one of the best Mondays I've had in a while! I hope everyone else's weeks are off to as lovely a start as mine.


  1. What local restaurant does that? IT's an AMAZING deal!

  2. UM DITTO COURTNEY - Who the H is this mystery pizza/wine dealer??? This is a need-to-know situation because I'm going there every day for the rest of my life now!

  3. Now all of that together makes a wonderful day!!!! How fun! Love your photos!

  4. Yeah, I want to know what restaurant it is too!! Also, that sounds like an amazing combination for a great time:)

  5. It's Rustic Oven...maybe calling it "local" was a it just a CO thing?


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