Friday, August 13, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. Birthdays are wonderful things! I love birthdays - mine and friends' and family's - and I think every one should be able to indulge in a day that is all about them, to celebrate the day they became a part of the world.

2. My favorite birthday memory was my Mom always taking my birthday off of work so we could go play. We usually wound up in Estes Park playing putt-putt golf, eating lunch and shopping, but no matter what we did, she always made me (makes me!) feel like the most special girl in the whole world.

3. A birthday tradition I (or my family) has is letting the birthday person pick out what he or she wants for dinner, either homemade or going out to a restaurant. I know that's probably pretty normal, but it's what we do. Birthdays typically mean family time, or at least a family dinner. My best friend, Jamie, also always puts together the most amazing themed birthday gifts; definitely tradition!

4. If I had to choose one birthday meal to eat for the rest of my birthdays hence forward, I would choose ...I have no clue! Probably pasta with veggies and a cream sauce of some sort because it's total love on my part, but I like being able to pick whatever I'm in the mood for on my day.

5. My birthday is on June 20th - I'm a Gemini...totally emotional and bipolar. haha!

6. If I could take a birthday trip I would go to Ireland. I want to visit this country so badly and I think June would be a gorgeous time to visit. Plus, maybe I'd find an Irish hottie to be my birthday gift. Someday...

7. The best gift I've ever received for my birthday was a gorgeous ring that my Mom gave me for my 18th that I wear nearly every day. It's totally unique and I love it! This year's birthday package from Jamie also tops my list, probably because we miss each other and it was wonderful to essentially have a little piece of my bestie come to me in gift form. She knows me best and her gifts brought tears to my eyes.


  1. please take me with you on your bday trip! i have always wanted to visit ireland.

  2. Well no wonder. I'm a Gemini too!!!!!! :D

  3. Yes for Geminis! I'm one too. :)


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