Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Perhaps not my proudest first

I just survived my first filling. I've never had a cavity before, but thanks to my lack of flossing, it was time for me to join the ranks. I was nervous as all get out and got myself all worked up (as per my usual style) but it was painless and pretty easy. Do I want to make a habit of this? No, thank you! It's creepy to hear the drill and feel some pressure on my teeth, but thank goodness for Novocain. Speaking of which, the drugs are starting to wear off and the feeling is coming back to my teeth and upper lip. Do I dare try my luck at some ginger ale? I'm always afraid that I'll end up drooling all over myself. Lovely image, right?

Does anyone else get themselves entirely too worked up over fairly mundane things?
Please say yes.


  1. I had to get a filling back in August and I was pretty freaked out too. Be careful chewing after because you will bite your tongue and not even realize it until the feeling wears off.

  2. I have had to get a filling and I truly hated it. I think it is fine to be worked up about it :)

  3. i've missed you and your sweet blog! sorry to hear of the cavity..not fun. i've never been a big fan of flossing, either.

  4. hahah. ME, NO! But, Andrew- YES!!!
    I have had to get fillings since I was little. I brush and floss...but I just have deep grooves or something and have always been prone to cavities. My dentist always feels bad for me. Andrew had to get a filling 2 weeks ago and he complained about it for a week! He was like "I cant talk because I cant feel my mouth" haha. I was like, Novocain? I guess I have just gotten used to it :) Hopefully you will not need anymore!


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