Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

I still get teary-eyed when Hagrid comes back to Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets...and I want to be Hermione.

Getting down on my hands and knees and scrubbing the linoleum floors in my apartment is my least favorite thing to do, but makes me feel the most accomplished when it's finally completed.

Showering before noon on the weekend is overrated. Taking an extra long, scalding hot one is not; it's a worthwhile indulgence.

Christmas decorations would be better if they put themselves up...I love having my apartment decorated, but I always drag my feet doing it.

A cup of tea is always calming and comforting for me.

I will never be too old for an Advent calendar. Who doesn't want an excuse to start their day off with chocolate?

Being able to text with Jamie again makes my heart smile!
Yes, she's back in the states.

Drinking mimosas with family and friends in the middle of the day is wonderful.


  1. I LOVE Harry Potter!! And the Chamber of Secrets is my absolute favourite one of them all :)
    I FINALLY cleaned my house today, I have just been so busy lately and when I had any free time I kept putting it off. It badly needed to be cleaned and so I felt just like you did after scrubbing your floors :) Accomplished is the exact word I felt after I finished cleaning.
    My sister got me an Advent calandar and I look forward to my piece of chocolate every single day! :)

  2. "I will never be too old for an Advent calendar. Who doesn't want an excuse to start their day off with chocolate?" - I love you. SO very much. Where have you been all my blogging life?

  3. I love advent calendars!! I will never be too old either :)

  4. I looove Harry Potter. I get sad thinking about the last movie coming out. I started reading Harry Potter when I was 13. I'll be 25 when the movie comes out. I feel like I've grown up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

    Also, Advent calenders are so fun. I love that my grandparents still feel the need to send me one every year.


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