Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome, December

Ladies, can you believe that it is already December 1st? I'm completely baffled. Honestly, where have the months gone?

I'm pretty sure it was just the beginning of September and I was prepping myself for a busy month full of birthdays, work and a little travel.

October is my favorite month, but it seemed to pass faster than ever before. Weren't the aspens just starting to turn golden?

And, seriously, did we skip over November almost entirely, pausing only to indulge in family, turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving? I think we did.

Now it's December, there's an underlying chill in the air and if I blink too quickly, it may just be Christmas morning tomorrow.

Happy December!


  1. November did just FLY By. I really cant believe it!

  2. This post is all too true! I don't know where the months have gone!


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