Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ingredients for the perfect Erin Evening

~ 1 trip to Target, including both planned and spontaneous purchases
~ 1 non-fat, spiced brown sugar latte to keep me warm while shopping
~ 2 long-awaited for new books from the Library
~ 1 sweat sesh at the gym
~ A batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
~ 2 little phone calls with my Mom
~ Dinner of homemade quiche and crisp green beans
~ 10 lit candles, spread throughout the apartment
~ 1 small glass of eggnog to start off the holiday season
~ Lots of singing along with tonight's Glee (loved Dog Days Are Over!)
~ Several new quotes jotted in my notebook
~ 1 cup of vanilla tea

A dose of happiness here and there is necessary to every person's life.


  1. sounds perfect to me too!!!


  2. That cookie dough is making me drool. Seriously. I want it! Sounds like a perfect evening. Was the eggnog spiked? :)


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