Friday, November 12, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

It's time, once again, for the one constant on my blog: Fill in the Blank Friday! If you want to join in on the fun, head on over to Lauren's little corner of blogland and play along!

1. The most spontaneous thing I've ever done was leasing my car. In all reality this wasn't legitimately spontaneous because my car had been totaled in an accident and I obviously needed new transportation, but the whole thing happened very quickly! And in my world quick = no time to hum and haw like I do = Erin's version of spontaneous. What started as my Dad doing a little car research ended in a test drive and a lease within a few hours.

2. The best gift I've ever received was my amazing friends and family. Maybe that's a cop out answer, but I really do have the best people in my life and I would be lost without them.

3. A time that I was truly and genuinely surprised was when my dad handed me a good amount of cash when I was moving into a new place a few years ago. My dad does not give over money often, and he never announces the rare occasions when he does. He knew that I needed some extra cash and as I was leaving the house he hugged me, put money into my hand, smiled and nodded as I thanked him and we've never spoken of it again. That's his style.

4. I can't leave the house without my purse. It contains all of the necessities including, but not limited to: my cell phone, keys, wallet, chapstick and a book.

5. My favorite day of the week is Saturday because it's a totally free day. Ever since I started working full time I've come to appreciate Saturdays in a way that I never had before. I (usually) get to dictate how my day will go, there's rarely any guilt involved when I end up doing next to nothing, and it always on a positive note because I know that when I wake up in the morning it'll still be the weekend.

6. Something that can always make me laugh is my bestie, Jamie. She's always getting herself into awkward, yet hilarious situations, and hearing her recount them makes me laugh until I cry...and, it's even better when I get to witness them myself. you, bestie!

7. My perfect day would include going out for brunch with my girlfriends, drinking entirely too much coffee, shopping downtown with my Mom, going on a long walk, getting lost in Barnes and Noble, going out for dinner and a beer and ending the day cozied up with a chick flick.


  1. I adore your answer for a time when you were truly surprised! How sweet of your dad! :)

  2. I love Saturdays too!
    AND, when you wrote drinking entirely too much coffee, I thought it was going to say too much wine or mimosas! :) That must be what MY mind was thinking! haha
    I NEVER EVER leave my house without my purse either, and I can not tell you how many times Andrew leaves without his wallet!! He will get all the way to town in a store and realize it! I am like, There is no excuse for that. You should just never leave home without it, like I never leave without my purse! :)


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