Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love a good swap

Ever since Micaela's lovely Christmas ornament swap (which I still need to blog about because Micaela sent me the most wonderful package) I've been in a swap kind of mood. I just signed up for the Defeat the Xmas Blues swap and am already thinking of what I want to send to my partner once we're paired up.
If anyone else needs a little pick-me-up and enjoys a good swap, head on over to Just Putting It Out There and sign up!
It'll be fun...I promise.


  1. YOU were the best swap partner! ;)

    i just moved and am not even working yet, but i really loved the idea of this swap and i adore alyssa so i signed up! ha

    cheers to defeating the xmas (or in my case-- moving) blues!

    i'm so happy i turned you on to a good swap... they can be addicting can't they? lol

  2. Ohhh, that swap is tempting!! I might do it. I need to think about it :)
    I am going to a swap party this weekend- you bring new or barely used stuff (10 items) and then I am not sure how it works from there..haha. I only have 7 things right now because I just did a major clean a few months ago before I got the invite. I might have to bring some books. I will never read a book twice, so I am safe giving them away...
    Did you get snow?

  3. This is so neat!!! :-) What a fun idea!!

    I have announced my book that I will be using for my book club. Stop on by my blog to sign up!!

  4. Thankyou so much for signing up and blogging about it!! I cannot wait to start pairing everyone up :)


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