Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Neal Caffrey, I've missed you!

White Collar is back!
And even more than that, hottie Neal Caffrey is back!
Side note: I always want to call him Neal McCaffrey.
Obviously, this is wrong.

Does anyone else watch this show? I know the lovely Marz at Royal Mail is a huge Caffrey fan, and must be as excited as I am tonight. I've missed the witty banter between Neal and Peter, and Neal's constant plotting. I love the weekly trip to bustling New York City, and would kill to live in Neal's studio. I want to know Kate's back story and am always entertained by Mozzie's OCD ways. And my current favorite: Hilarie Burton (Peyton from One Tree Hill) appears to be becoming a White Collar regular! She's absolutely lovely and has the most fabulous wardrobe!

If you aren't already a White Collar fan, I highly recommend checking this show out!


  1. Oooh! I LOVE white collar :D
    They aired season 1 in 2010 here, in India.
    Ive been a fan ever since ;)
    Neal Caffrey *drools*

  2. I love Peyton from One Tree Hill so maybe I'll check out this show...and it doesn't hurt that Neal Caffrey is yummy :)

  3. Never heard of it, but want to watch. What network?

  4. Absolutely made my day to see my name in your blog :) You are such a sweetheart! I love that we both love this show soooo much. It seemed like such a LONG wait for this season, so I am SO glad we have our Tuesday fix back! :) Love spending my Tuesday nights with delicious Neal ;) xo

  5. marianne LOVES this show and now that you do as well (and i have the time to catch up on tv as i do the dreaded job search) i may just have to catch myself up :)

  6. Hi, I've just stopped by after doing a search to find out if Neal's name is Caffery or McCaffery (as I had written it months ago in my post, "The Golden Job Search Tip" combining my love for White Collar with my frustrations as one of the unemployed.)

    I changed Neal's name on that post just before coming here, because the USA website spells it that way now-- but I had gone to their website back then, around March 9th, to do a little research and check the spelling. So I'm wondering if the producers changed the character's name, and it's not our fault? If not, I must have been awfully sleepy to have done that research and still got it wrong!

    Anyway, I was glad to find this post of a fellow fan out there in the ether! (The current season is brilliant, too! Don't you think?)


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