Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wish List: artwork

So, in my lunch break blog-hopping I came across a post on Life's Little Adventures about her newly purchased art and immediately fell back in love with Clare Elsaesser's oil paintings. Yes, I said it, back in love. I've come across Tastes Orangey on etsy before (probably via another art lover's blog) and swooned over her pieces, but in typical Erin fashion it eventually slipped my mind. So while it might slip my mind again, for now I'm going to continue to ooh and ahh over some of my favorites:


To Sea



I'm already formulating in my mind where I would hang these in my apartment...


  1. these are beautiful. i would love to hang art in our house, but don't have the expertise to know where to hang it or how it would go with our stuff.

  2. I recently posted some of her work on my blog as well for a post I did on Black Swan. I love her stuff! Love it. When I have the dollars, I am definitely going to purchase a print.


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