Friday, October 22, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

1. I am a strong-willed, emotional, tea-loving, book-reading, opinionated, long walk-taking, greatest friends and family-having gal. I'm just me, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

2. I wish all of the political ads would stop. I'm a huge proponent for voting and getting your voice heard, but political ads that rip each other a part are depressing and, in my opinion, unnecessary. And the sad part is that people vote according to these ads, rather than educating themselves on the issues.

3. I like quiet, productive Friday afternoons, complete with a food-filled pot-luck lunch and rain bouncing off of my window.

4. I cannot thank the ladies enough for the most amazing, and much-needed, Girl's Night last night. It's been quite the week and I needed some laughter (and wine) to bring myself back into the realm of sanity.

5. I hope I didn't stuff up my ankle last night even more than it already is. I was sitting on it funny and it's been sore every since. uh-oh...

6. I think my student hourly finds my current obsession with Bath and Body Works' Midnight Pomegranate anti-bacterial hand gel to be completely crazy. I just can't help it; this stuff smells so good!

7. I was not planning on eating as much at lunch today as I I feel over-stuffed and really wish I had sweat pants on.


  1. I'm SO with you on the political commercials. They act like little children with their name calling.

  2. I like long walks, too. :) And yes, I totally agree...Midnight Pomegranate smells good. Way too good. ;) And I so don't need to say that you are absolutely 150% right when it comes to those political ads. Just plain ugly, sad, and very unnecessary. :(

    Happy weekend.

  3. i have a bottle of the same antibacterial scent in each of my bags...=)

  4. Sometimes it's nice to get out for a laugh-filled night with the gals -- just what the doctor ordered I'd say!

  5. i like quiet productive afternoons too...i wish they would happen more often!!



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