Friday, June 3, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. I love mangoes because, despite being a serious pain in the butt to cut, they have such incredible flavor! They also make me think of summer time, margaritas and Townsville, Australia...all good things!

2. A time that mama knew best was when she told me it would be better to buy a ticket to Australia than a new couch. I was having one of my usual Eri freak outs about how expensive the trip was going to be and about traveling so far by myself, etc, etc and Mom talked me down from the edge and I'm so glad she did. A life-altering adventure with my bestie was way better than a new couch.

3. My first kiss went a little like this...does being chased around the playground by the same boy every day in 1st grade until he'd catch me, pin me down and then kiss me count? Because if so, that's a little how my first kiss went. Haha...

4. My celebrity crush is Christopher Egan from Letters to Juliet. He reminds me so much of a British Heath Ledger, and Heath stole my heart when I was 11 years old. I have numerous other celebrity crushes (what girl doesn't?), but we'll stick with the Chrises for now...Chris Pine, especially when he wears his glasses, and Chris Hemsworth. Yep, all hotties.

5. My splurge of choice is travel. Sure, I love to splurge a little on dinners with friends, bottles of wine, nonfat lattes and a new book here and there, but travel is my real, true splurge. Travel is extremely important to me, and I always manage to find a way to pay for that plane ticket, or get that day off of work for a long weekend. I swear it's vital to my sanity.
*let it be noted that I would travel far less if it weren't for my incredibly supportive parents...they rock*

6. My biggest accomplishment is finding a grown-up job that I love. I'm lucky, and even though I would kill to make more money, I love what I do 95% of the time. I work for an agency I believe in, with good people and it challenges me.

7. My dance jam of choice is constantly changing, but currently it's Who's That Chick? by David Guetta, featuring Rihanna and Nicki Minaj's Super Bass.

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  1. Chris Pine and Heath Ledger? Yes please!

  2. I am crushing hard on Chris Hemsworth right now!! Ever since I saw Thor on Wednesday night I can't stop thinking about him haha :)

    Travel is also my splurge of choice! I try and travel any chance I get. I am SO excited that I'll be going to San Francisco in less than two weeks! :) I can't wait!

    I love how supportive your parents are :) You are truly blessed!

  3. lucky to have a grown up job you love :)


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