Monday, June 13, 2011

I spent Saturday with the cutest baby boy in all the land!

You all remember my Baltimore bestie, Corey, right? The one who showed me such wonderful long weekends in Baltimore over the past couple of years, and who got married (to someone I also consider a dear friend, Matt) last August? Well, I've neglected to share with you all 2 very important things:
1. Corey and Matt had a baby while I was in Australia, and
2. They moved back to Colorado to be nearer to both of their families!

I know I mentioned in my last post about "visiting Corey and baby Landon" and for some of you long-time readers who are aware of who Corey is there may have been a little confusion. I'm hoping all of the pieces are coming together now, though.

Anyway, Matt and Corey recently moved to the southside of Denver, so after picking my mother up from the airport Saturday evening, we took the long way home in order to have dinner with the new little family and to finally meet little Landon Justin.

He is too cute for words! And, such a mellow, sweet little man; he completely stole my heart. My mother obsessed over him for a couple of hours, but she was kind enough to let me hold him for about 5 minutes before stealing him away again. Sounds mean, right, but little babies make me kind of uncomfortable still, plus I'll be down to see Corey and Matt far more often than she will, so it's all fair.

It was so wonderful to see my lovely friends and meet their handsome little man. And, Corey already looks completely amazing less than 2 months after having a baby, so she's obviously a rockstar that we should all be jealous of.

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  1. I am completely jealous!! haha.
    And, That is so exciting that they moved back!! You must be thrilled. ANd, I was very awkward with babies until I had my own. I wasnt a baby person AT ALL!


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