Friday, June 17, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Wow, it has been a week! I'm in the midst of the height of my busy season at work, and I feel like I've been teetering on the edge of sanity since Monday...never has a Friday felt so good!

Here's hoping this weekend involves some family time, a movie with a glass of wine and a morning spent reading and soaking up the sun.

1. The last movie I saw was Something Borrowed with my Mama. I saw it right when it opened, but I really wanted my mom to see it, too, so as soon as it moved to our local cheap theater we made a date! I just love this movie...and Ginnifer Goodwin (total girl crush)...and Colin Egglesfield (be still my heart). I read this book the summer after my freshman year of college and always hoped it'd be turned into a movie.

2. I want to spend my day reading by the pool while eating blueberries and mango and drinking a beer + sparkling lemonade.

3. Surprises are tough for me to keep because I get so excited about the person's reaction.

4. The best accessory is a unique pair of earrings or a kick-ass pair of shoes!

5. My favorite warm drink is a flat white, but seeing as I can only get those in Australia, my 2nd favorite is a tie between a cup of Lady Grey tea with milk or a nonfat latte from The Human Bean...if I close my eyes, The Human Bean's latte tastes similar to a flat white.

6. My favorite cold drink is water. I'm also oddly obsessed with V8 right now, which is so not like me.

7. Currently loving Nora Roberts' latest book Chasing Fire. It has romance, mystery, wildland firefighting and lines from Tennyson, so pretty much my ideal book. And, I have to tip my hat to her for her awesome research on the topic of wildfires; she's got her facts straight!

ps- my birthday is on Monday!!

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised with Something Borrowed. Usually I hate books that are made into movies just because they can never do it justice but I thought they did a pretty good job this time! Have a happy weekend!


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