Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frosty Mango

When I was in Australia, Jamie and I ventured north of Townsville on a waterfall quest. Unfortunately, our quest was thwarted by flooded roads, but we were lucky enough to indulge in a sweet treat at Frosty Mango. I honestly do not believe I've ever had better gelato in my life, and I'm sure it had to do with the use of fresh, locally grown fruit.


I had a coupon to a local gelato place that expired last night, so on my way to Tony's I stopped to pick some up for us. The mango gelato was calling my name, and the minute the sample hit my tongue I was transported back to the Frosty Mango. It was absolutely divine...creamy, bold, slightly tart, and tasted as though it had come straight from the mango groves.  I was rather blissed out!  Plus, the added bonus of a trip down my Australia memory lane wasn't half bad either.


  1. mmmmm.... I'll have to try that!

  2. Why is it that gelato is sooo much better than ice cream? Man I miss Italy :)

  3. Sounds divine! I love anything mango-flavored. It's one of my favorite fruits.


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