Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Recap


Weekends are such wonderful things!

+ Friday happy hour with my friend Chelsae...gin and club soda for me, vodka cranberry for her, mussels, artichoke and sundried tomatoe flatbread, and pommes frites.

+ My first experience taking one of Tony's dogs to the vet...Ringo is not a fan, but he did well.

+ Target wandering and used bookstore browsing.

+ Dinner and drinks for Tony's sister's birthday at my favorite Greek restaurant.

+ Cuddling, playing ball and wrestling with the dogs.

+ Started off Sunday with coffee and homemade blueberry pancakes.

+ Taco salad and a (spicy) bloody mary...I like being able to take Tony out on little dates since he's always cooking for me.

+ We made a beef and veggie soup, and I baked this fabulously easy, and seriously tasty, bread.

+ Tony and I finished off the weekend with a nice, albeit windy, lakeside walk that offered up some more gorgeous views of Long's Peak.

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