Friday, January 13, 2012

Haven in Paris

I recently finished reading Ellen Sussman's French Lessons, which was a quick, fun read about the power a single day can have in helping us see our true desires. The book followed 3 Americans as they each spent a day in Paris with their respective french tutors. The Americans and tutors alike each discovered something about themselves, about love, and about their relationships.

But, this post is not meant to be a book review, rather I wanted to focus on Paris. As I've mentioned before, I have a romanticized version of Paris in my mind, and whenever I read or see something about the city I am immediately transported away from my actual memories of Paris and into this version. While reading French Lessons, all I could think about was how lovely it would be to spend a few days getting reacquainted the City of Lights. And, as luck would have it, Joanna from A Cup of Jo must've been in a similar state of mind because she recently posted about the luxury apartment rental site, Haven in Paris.

What a way to play tourist in Paris! Staying in one of the rental apartments would make you feel like a real could walk out of the building each morning and enjoy your morning capuccino and croissant at the neighborhood cafe; spend your days touring the city; and enjoy your evening wine on the balcony. Rather than go home to your hotel every night, you could start and end your days in a real "home" and feel a bit more immersed in the culture. How lovely!

Where would you all stay? I don't think I could resist the classic beauty of this apartment by Notre Dame on the Left Bank...

ps- this apartment is close to the infamous Shakespeare and Co. bookstore!


  1. Honestly, if I could just get overseas I wouldn't care where I stayed!!! ;) I'd probably be in a hotel though... My husband travels every week, so we'd use his points and save our hotel money for something more fun (like shopping or sipping coffees in cute cafes). :)

  2. That book sounds great! I'll have to add it to my list!

    And I would love to stay in rental apartments - they would be so much nicer than hotels! It would be so much fun to go to markets and cook!


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